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Thursday, 28 July 2011

The End of the Holiday

Hello. My holiday to Portugal is over at last! It was very difficult to not blog over the past week but at least I'm back... for now. Anyway, here is the news from the past week that I missed to blog:

>  The fifth Adventure Game will be called The Gunpowder Plot

>  The episode written by Tom MacRae (Episode Ten) is called The Girl Who Waited

>  The second episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, Rendition, was broadcast

>  The broadcast date of Series Six Part Two has been announced for the USA (with the UK date being very soon after, hopefully) and it is the 27th August at 9pm

>  The main villain for Let's Kill Hitler (who is not actually Hitler) is called the Tessalecta (if that's how it's spelt)

>  Doctor Who went to Comic Con and a trailer was released with new, epic clips

>  Karen Gillan has confirmed that Amy Pond will return for Series Seven, but Arthur Darvill has not confirmed that Rory will too

>  Steven Moffat considered making a Madame Vestra/Jenny spin-off

Also, tonight at 9pm is the broadcast for the third episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, Dead of Night. You can expect a whole load of Who Reviews including the reviews for The New World, Rendition and Dead of Night.

Finally, there are two more competitions opening up and they both have prizes!

The first is a Torchwood competition:

Torchwood: Miracle Day is the new series of Torchwood which involves the whole world becoming immortal. To celebrate the new series, this competition is about the series. All you have to do is answer three simple questions, then email me the answers at timelordeleven@gmail.com with your address so I can send you the prize if you have won. All addresses will be kept confidential and can you please include your name and (if you have one) a Google or Disqus username so I know who you are online. Once you have emailed me your entries, I will email you acknowleging your entry. The questions are below:

1. What is Torchwood an anagram of?

2. What is the name of the twelve year old girl who Oswald Danes murdered?

3. What type of poison was Jack poisoned with in Rendition?

As I said previously, email me the answers, your real name, your username and your address. The closing date is the 4th September 2011. The prize is the Torchwood book, Border Princes in mint condition. It is written byDan Abnett and you can read the blurb below:

The End of the World began on a Thursday night in October just after eight in the evening...
The Amok is driving people out of their minds, turning them into zombies and causing riots in the streets. A solitary diner leaves a Cardiff restaurant, his mission to protect the Principal leading him to a secret base beneath a water tower. Everyone has a headache; there's something in Davey Morgan's shed; and the church of St-Mary-in-the-Dust, demolished in 1840, has reappeared - though it's not due until 2011. Torchwood seem to be out of their depth. What will all this mean for the romance between Torchwood's  newest members?
Captain Jack Harkness has something more to worry about: an alarm, an early warning, given to mankind and held - inert - by Torchwood for 108 years. And now it's flashing. Something is coming. Or something is already here.

The next competition is a Doctor Who competition:

In the middle of the three month gap of Doctor Who Series Six, I have bought and read many of the Doctor Who books including Apollo 23, Paradox Lost and Dead of Winter. This competition involves you, the readers, creating your own monster, alien or villain of any kind. You must describe, in exact detail, your alien: what it looks like, what specialities it has, why it would want to defeat the Doctor and any weaknesses it has. You may include a picture of your monster to complete the creation. As in the Torchwood competition, please email me your entries at timelordeleven@gmail.com with your description, your address, your name and your username. The prize is two Doctor Who books, The Brilliant Book 2011 and Apollo 23, the first Doctor Who book starring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. This competition also ends on the 4th September 2011. Good luck!

Sorry folks, the Brilliant Book is off of the prize list for various reasons too complicated to describe! So now it's just Apollo 23, the first book of Doctor Who for Matt Smith and Amelia Jessica Pond.

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