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Monday, 6 June 2011

A Good Man Goes to War Cliffhanger Breakdown

Hello. A Good Man Goes to War left us with a huge cliffhanger. It wasn't quite like the cliffhanger in The Almost People where we couldn't think of what would happen next but it will have a dramatic effect on the TARDIS Crew. I have broken down the cliffhanger for you all so that you can understand it easier.

As Amy and Rory inspect the cot the Doctor gave them, Commander Strax brings Lorna into the room who warns them that the whole thing was a trap.

The Doctor checks up on Dorium and Madam Vestra. Vestra warns the Doctor that when he is mad, he makes mistakes.

Madam Vestra asks the Doctor whether Melody is human or not. The Doctor seems worried and suddenly nervous. On closer inspection, the Doctor notices that...

...Melody's DNA is human plus Time Lord!

The lights suddenly turn off and everyone looks around. It seems like tha trap is beginning...

The Doctor and Madam Vestra discuss when Melody could have had the Time Lord DNA put into her biological system. The Doctor explains that they weren't actually together in the current universe until their wedding night.

Commander Strax scans Demons Run and says that the only alien species are the Silurians. Lorna then says that the Headless Monks are not recognised as actual aliens.

Meanwhile, a Silurian stands guard. Behind it, a Headless Monk comes closer...

The Doctor is very confused and says that Amy was worried that the baby might have a Time Head. Dorium begins to get worried and says that the clerics gave in too easily. Vestra agrees and they run off to help the others.

Madam Kovarian suddenly appears on a screen. The Doctor and Kovarian begin to talk. She says that there is a war against the Doctor.

The Headless Monks kill the Silurian guards and begin to sing a mysterious prayer.

The TARDIS is engulfed with light. Dorium and Madam Vestra return to the others. Vestra moves towards the light and realises that there is a force field around it.

As the Headless Monks come closer, Rory becomes alert. Lorna tells him that the doors are locking with them inside.

Dorium realises that the prayer the Monks are singing is the Attack Prayer. Rory and Amy go to hide Melody.

The Headless Monk begin to prepare to fight. Rory hides Amy and Melody and runs off to fight.

Dorium tries to convince the Monks to stop fighting. Rory attempts to stop him but Dorium is confident. He probably shouldn't have gone to stop the Monks though...

...he gets his head chopped off! The headless Monks come forward with their laser swords ready to fight to the death.

The Monks come forward about to fight...

Rory arms himself with a sword and a gun.

"The child IS NOT A WEAPON!"
"Give it time. She can be. She will be."
The Doctor becomes angry and tells her that he will never let her near her again. Madam Kovarian tells him that fooling him once was a joy but fooling him twice in the same was was a privilege. The Doctor runs off to help Amy.

Madam Kovarian appears behind Amy on a screen.

The fight begins. Unfortunately, Strax and Lorna are both killed by the Headless Monks.

The Doctor runs to Amy's aid but he doesn't make it in time...

It turns out that Melody was a Flesh Avatar! Amy scream for Rory. The Doctor bursts into the room and finds that the fight is over and that Rory and Amy already know. Rory comforts Strax as the Doctor talks to Lorna before they both die.

Suddenly, River Song appears. The Doctor gets angry at her for not coming sooner and then she gets angry at him and tells him that he's become more of a soldier than a healer as his name indicates. When the Doctor asks her who she is, she tells him. He is astonished and can't believe it. He runs into the TARDIS and leaves Rory and Amy.

Amy becomes angry and asks River what she said to the Doctor. River tells her that in the Gamma Forests (where Lorna came from) they have no word for Pond. The sewing Lorna made for Amy did not read 'Melody Pond' in English. It read...

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