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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Wedding of River Song Confirmed

Episode Thirteen is confirmed only a few days after Closing Time.

Hello. Radio Times has confirmed that Episode Thirteen is indeed called the Wedding of River Song. In the past we have had many pictures of filming which involves pterydactyls, Winston Churchill, the Roman Emperor, riding on his personal mammoth and a young Rory played by Ezekiel Wigglesworth. But the title has stirred some controversy on some Doctor Who websites about the title. Some people think that the title is not like other Doctor Who episodes and it doesn't sound like it will have anything to do with science fiction. However, Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and the rest of the cast and crew have said in interviews that the finale is explosive, full of action and it answers all of the questions about River Song, the Silence and the Astronaut. It will also answer the question of who killed the Doctor and all of the other smaller ones hidden in throw-away lines that we may have missed.
But, what will Rory and Amy think of their daughter getting married? Who is River getting married to? And how on Earth does the Doctor's death fit into all of this? We'll just have to wait and see...
Now that the all of the series titles have been completed, let's take a look at the running order:

Let's Kill Hitler - 27th August 2011
Night Terrors - 4th September 2011
The Girl Who Waited - 11th September 2011
The God Complex - 18th September 2011
Closing Time - 25th September 2011
The Wedding of River Song - 2nd October 2011


  1. love love love love your blog/site, its soooooooo (well i wont say it cause y'know of river...).

  2. Thanks DWD, it's greatly appreciated.

  3. thought she wasn't a wedding person? hopefully she's not marrying the doctor because he and amy should really get together sorry rory

  4. umm that would be kind of gross since she is River's mother, even Moffatt stated that Amy is more of a mother in law figure now that her daughter is pretty much dating the doctor. I believe they will get married maybe or something will have during the wedding maybe a cliffhanger hope not though. They have pics of the Christmas episode filming and there is a woman in it, but it is not her.

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