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Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Best Episode (Matt Smith)

Hello. I am VERY sorry that I have not posted any awards in... well, a long time! I will continue tomorrow with the awards and the Award Page will be going back up too. The award today is for the Best Episode in the Matt Smith era. Below is a clip of the winning episode:

Well done to the episode! There were many difficult episodes to choose from and so it was pretty hard to decide!

Who Review 002 - Day of the Moon

Hello. This is the second Who Review to be filmed on YouTube and you can watch it below:


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Time Lord Eleven Has Twitter

Hello. Time Lord Eleven now has Twitter (as the title suggests)! The username is TimeLordEleven and you will see updates regularly on your home page. And so... that's the end of the post! A very short one, I know.

Who Review 001 - The Impossible Astronaut

Hello. The first ever YouTube-filmed Who Review is finally here! You can see it below (before you watch it, remember, it was the first time I've ever filmed something for 10 minutes and so in some places I may heitate a bit!):

Enjoy! The Who Review 002: Day of the Moon on YouTube will be coming soon...

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Poll Results

Hello. A while ago, I asked you to vote for what you thought of A Good Man Goes to War. There were five options and you decided which one suited you best. And so, here's the result for the vote:

5 of you voted 'The battle was won!'
4 of you voted 'Average'
1 of you voted 'Not that good'

But this was not the only vote I asked you to do. I also asked you to vote in the Best Series Six Episode.

And you did! The results for that vote is below:

2 of you voted 'The Impossible Astronaut'
3 of you voted 'Day of the Moon'
1 of you voted 'The Curse of the Black Spot'
3 of you voted 'The Doctor's Wife'
1 of you voted 'The Almost People'
4 of you voted 'A Good Man Goes to War'

New Title Picture

Hello. Today, the title picture at the top of the page has been changed. It's the first time it has been changed for a month and I hope you like it. Unlike before, when you had to scroll down a long way to actually find the news, you only need to scroll down a small bit to see the latest news and info on Doctor Who. You can see the picture below (and at the top of the page!):

Friday, 24 June 2011

Tom Macrae Interview: Episode Ten, the Crash of the Elysium and the Scariness of Doctor Who

Hello. Tom Macrae, the writer of Episode Ten, was recently interviewed by the Telegraph. In it, he talks about the episode he's writing for Series Six and the upcoming stage show, the Crash of the Elysium. You can read the whole interview here and thanks to The Whoniverse Blog for the heads up. Here it is:

When asked about how he got into writing Doctor Who:
I’ve been associated with the show since Christopher Eccleston started doing it. I got that because Russell T Davies had mentored me when I was first starting out in an unofficial way. He was hugely influential on me, and used to script-edit my stuff. I’m not trained at all - I have no qualifications in writing.
When Doctor Who came back I was thrilled but I never thought he’d ask me to do it. When he did, I was completely blown away. I went from writing characters of roughly the same age as me to doing the Cybermen. It was incredible and the biggest learning curve you could ever imagine.
When asked about writing an episode for Series Six:
I’ve written episode 10 which I think is my most accomplished piece of plotting ever. There’s a break in the series, so it will be coming out later. What’s interesting is that the requirements of the script meant that for various reasons nothing has gone out about it at all. We didn’t do much location filming, and the way the guest characters work is unusual, so no one knows anything about my episode.
There’s speculation about it which is wrong - some bright spark has put the title of the episode on IMDB as The Green Anchor - it has never been called that! I’m amazed we’ve kept it this secret because there’s a really big surprise in it. All I will say is that it’s an unusual episode and it’s really great.
When asked about the series being too scary:
I don’t think it’s scarier than it’s ever been. I think it has always been scary. It’s in HD now. Maybe that makes a difference. Maybe you’re able to show things you couldn’t before. But the scariest things were always shadows, taps on the window - the show has always done that.
I know when I was a kid - and Sylvester McCoy was my Doctor - it scared me. I look back on it now and it’s laughable - it’s hard if you ask an adult what they think, they’ll always have a view that isn’t the kids’ view. Matt Smith is incredibly funny as the Doctor - there are lots of daffy things going on. I don’t think it changes as much as people think it does.
When asked about the Crash of the Elysium:
In the tradition of the best Doctor Who the premise of what needs to happen is clearly outlined in the first couple of scenes, where it’s established what’s going on and what the kids have to do. They then go on a mission that requires them to head into this labyrinth of wonder we’ve created.
It’s not like The Crystal Maze - if they want to interrogate the adults they meet we have, over months of careful planning, created a watertight story about what’s going on. But the instruction to the actors is - here’s the information, if the kids ask you questions you’ve got everything you need. If all they want to do is press the buttons let them do that!
Finally, when asked about the age limit for the show:
I’ve read huge outrage online about people not being able to see it because they’re too old. What I like about this is that where there’s an age limit usually it’s about excluding younger kids. What we’ve done is said: if you’re too old to believe in Father Christmas, you’re too old for this show - not because it’s simplistic but because you’ll spoil it for the kids.
If we say that we’ve sent you back in time, and there’s a dinosaur round the corner, when you’re 14, you can play along with that - but you know it isn’t really happening. If you’re six, as far as you’re concerned that dinosaur is real. There could be a version for teenagers - but if we did that, we’d have to make it scarier and teens are very quick to be too cool for stuff.
With thanks to the Whoniverse Blog and the Telegraph for notifying me and for the interview.

Lack of Pages

Hello. Sorry about the lack of pages, I'm trying to make a Series 1-5 page and I need to get all of the other ones out of the way so I can create it. This page is coming soon and the others are DEFINITELY coming back too. Also, some of the pages are being updated. Here's a list of the pages and their updates:

HOME - The home page is going to be called News from now on.

SERIES SIX - The information will be layed out in a new format that was originally going to be used for the Series 1-5 page.

THE DOCTOR - Information about the previous Doctor's will be added.

COMPETITIONS - The What Happened Next competition will be added.

COMPANIONS - Information about the previous companions will be added.

WHO REVIEWS - More Who Reviews will be added (and they will be filmed on YouTube).

AWARDS - The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 will be added as they are posted.

All of these pages will be coming soon (again).

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Coming Soon - Who Reviews On YouTube!

Hello. A new video for TimeLordElevenVideos has been posted and it's about a new update to the Who Reviews which are exclusive to Time Lord Eleven (sorry I haven't posted many recently, I have to catch up with the series and the books as well). All the information you need can be found in the video below:


HELLO! This is the 100TH POST! Wow! To think only a month ago I was announcing the 'Doctor Save Our Souls!' competition. That was of course, for the first ever post. Ninety-nine posts later, and another competition is opening. This competition is called:

What Happened Next...

The competition involves a character that has previously starred in the show. It must show the character having another adventure which continues on from when they were last seen. It could be a second after the Doctor leaves, a month, a year, maybe even a few years. It must involve a different alien to the one seen in the episode. The story can be as long as you want it to be but it must be in story form, no scripts or poems or any other format. Some examples of the characters could be:
  • Craig Owens
  • Captain Avery
  • Canton Everett Delaware the Third
  • Winston Churchill
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Liz 10
Also, the Doctor cannot star in the story. He can be mentioned but that's all. The winning entry will be posted here. Good luck! The closing date is the 3rd July 2011.

New Doctor Who Books Released

Hello. Another three Doctor Who books have been published and are looking great. The titles are:


Written by: George Mann

Written by: Naomi A. Alderman

Written by: Jonathan Morris

Who Reviews of these books as well as The Way Through the Woods, Dead of Winter and Hunter's Moon will be coming soon.

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Best Episode (David Tennant)

Hello. Today, the award is for the best episode in the David Tennant era. As David Tennant had four series and four specials, this is a very, very difficult choice. I have, however come to a decision. Like the previous article, I shall post a clip of the episode for you. Here's the clip:

Well done to Blink for winning and join us tomorrow for the best episode in the Matt Smith era.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Series Six Episode Nine Title Announced

Hello. The first half of Series Six has come and passed and we are now awaiting and anticipating the second half of the series. Most of the news recently has been about the next series and it has been slightly sad but this news should perk you up. Episode Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen are all unnamed however some to have titles that need to be confirmed. And now only four of those episodes have titles that aren't officially announced. So, the title for Episode Nine is...


This was one of the titles that had to be confirmed as it was either going to be this title or House Calls. So, let's take a look at the titles of Series Six so far:

Episode One: The Impossible Astronaut
Episode Two: Day of the Moon
Episode Three: The Curse of the Black Spot
Episode Four: The Doctor's Wife
Episode Five: The Rebel Flesh
Episode Six: The Almost People
Episode Seven: A Good Man Goes to War


Episode Eight: Let's Kill Hitler
Episode Nine: Night Terrors
Episode Ten: The Green Anchor TBC
Episode Eleven: The God Complex TBC
Episode Twelve: Title TBC
Episode Thirteen: Series Finale Title TBC

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Best Episode (Christopher Eccleston)

Hello. Many episodes have come from Doctor Who in the past five years and these next three awards are dedicated to one from each era - Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith. The first one is for one episode from the Christopher Eccleston. I will add one clip from the episode to show you which episode it is.

Well done to the Empty Child! Join us tomorrow for the Best Episode (David Tennant).

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Best Villain

Hello. The final award for today is for the Best Villian Award. I've had to do three awards today so I'm just going to get on with it. The nominees for the Best Villian Award are:

THE DREAM LORD - Amy's Choice

MAX CAPRICORN - The Voyage of the Damned

THE EDITOR - The Long Game

And the winner is...

Congratulations! The Dream Lord is a fantastic villain and deserved to win. Join us later for the Best Episode (Christopher Eccleston). 

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Best Returning Alien

Hello. Now, the award is for Best Returning Alien. This can be a full species or just one alien from the species. So let's get started. The nominees for the Best Returning Alien Award are:

THE DALEKS - Completely evil

THE CYBERMEN - Men of metal

THE SILURIANS - The lizard people

And the winner is...

Well done to the Daleks and better luck next timen for the other nominees. Join us soon for the Best Villain Award.

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Best Returning Character

Hello! This is the first of three Time Lord Eleven Awards for today as I missed the awards for the last few days as I have been trying to use YouTube more. Anyway, today is the award for Best Returning Character. So let's get started. The nominees for the Best Returning Character Award are:

RIVER SONG - Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead, The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, The Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon, A Good Man Goes to War

CRAIG OWENS - The Lodger, An Episode Later This Year

CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS - The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, Utopia, The Sound of Drums, The Last of the Time Lords, The Stolen Earth, Journey's End, The End of Time Part Two

And the winner is...

Congratulations River and comiserations to the other nominees. Join us soon for Best Returning Alien.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Biggest Mistake

Hello. Today the award is for Biggest Mistake (the second award today). This mistake can be made by the Doctor, a companion or an alien. So let's get started. The nominees for Biggest Mistake Award are:

THE DOCTOR - Letting Eliot get his headphones.

THE DOCTOR - Not realising that Melody was a Flesh avatar.

THE SILENCE - "You should kill us all on sight."

And the winner is...

A very, very, VERY big mistake from the Silence! Wrong time to say that! Join us tomorrow for the Best Returning Character Award.

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Worst Cliffhanger

Hello. Today the award is for Worst Cliffhanger. Before I begin, I'd like to apologise about missing the award yesterday. A lot of things are going on about the blog and so I just forgot but to catch up I'll post two today. So, the nominees for the Worst Cliffhanger Award are:


Yep, that's right! None of them are bad enough to be awarded the Worst Cliffhanger Award! Sorry about that, but that's the way it is. Join us later today for the Biggest Mistake.

Doctor Who Series Seven Update

Hello. Doctor Who Series Seven is supposed to broadcast in 2011... but will it? Danny Cohen, the BBC1 Controller, announced the news to the audience at the 2011 Church and Media Conference. One of the attendees at the conference tweeted:
"Danny Cohen says there won't be a full series of Doctor Who in 2012, but a special run for the anniversary in 2013."
Then, later that day, Lizo Mzimba, a news reporter, tweeted:
"Bit of confusion, to summarise: no FULL 13 episode series of Dr Who in 2012. So some episodes will still go out in 2012. Remainder in 2013."
But before you make any assumptions, this does not clear up everything. Some questions still need to be answered: with some of the episodes in 2012 and some in 2013, will the Christmas Special be shown in the middle of the series? And will Episode Specials (like the ones in 2009) be broadcast up until Series Seven starts?

Also, Steven Moffat tweeted this about the subject of Series Seven:
"Misquotes and misunderstandings. But I'm not being bounced into announcing the cool stuff until we're ready. Hush, and patience."
Following on from this, Doctor Who Magazine said this about the matter:
"Doctor Who's future is safe and secure. And there is 'cool stuff' on the way, according to Steven Moffat. We can definitely vouch for that."
Finally, Sam Hodges from the BBC tweeted:
"Situation stays the same - 14 episodes commisioned, starting in 2012. How they will play out will be revealed at a later date."

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Best Cliffhanger

Hello. Today the award is for Best Cliffhanger.There have been many cliffhangers in the episodes of Doctor Who across the 32 series that have been broadcast. Some of these are extremely surprising and some are expected. So let's get started. The nominees for Best Cliffhanger Award are:

A GOOD MAN GOES TO WAR - River reveals that she is Melody Pond, Amy and Rory's daughter.

DAY OF THE MOON - The little girl in the astronaut suit regenerates in the street.

THE ALMOST PEOPLE - Amy is in fact a Ganger and has been all along!

And the winner is...

Congratulations to the cliffhanger and it was very close between the episodes. Join us tomorrow for the Worst Cliffhanger Award...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Best Companion Moment

Hello. Today the award is for Best Companion Moment. This could be funny, scary, brave, life-threatening or even strange. So let's get started. The nominees for Best Companion Moment are:

AMY POND - Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

RORY POND - To save Amy's life, Rory insults Francesco's mum, Rosanna. Bad idea.

RIVER SONG - Sacraficing herself to save the Doctor's life in the Library.

And the winner is...

Bringing the Doctor back into existence is a HUGE accomplishment! Congratulations Amy and better luck next time to the other companions and it was VERY close. Join us tomorrow for the Best Cliffhanger Award.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Funniest Alien Species

Hello. Today, the award is Funniest Alien Species. Some aliens seen in Doctor Who are serious and pretty scary. Then, there are the funny ones. These aliens don't seem to pose a threat and they actually seem quite funny. So, the nominees for the Funniest Alien Species are:

THE ADIPOSE - Partners in Crime

THE KANDYMAN - Classic Series

SEA DEVILS - Classic Series

And the winner is...

Congratulations Kandyman and comiserations to the other nominees! You all are very, very funny! Join us tomorrow for the Best Companion Moment Award.

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Worst Alien Species

Hello. Over the past five days, we have had the Best and Worst Doctor, the Best and Worst Companion and the Best Alien Species. Today, the award is for the Worst Alien Species. As I said in the previous award, there are many, many, many (etc.) different species in the Whoniverse so it is very difficult to choose the nominees. But, I have chosen three nominees. So, the nominees for the Worst Alien Species Award are:

THE ABZORBALOFF - Love and Monsters

Image: The Absorbaloff

THE KANDYMAN - Episode Unknown (Classic Series)

CASSANDRA O'BRIAN DOT DELTA SEVENTEEN - The End of the World and New Earth

Image: Cassandra

And the winner/loser is...

Congratulations to the other nominees and join us tomorrow for the Funniest Alien Species.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 - Best Alien Species

Hello. Welcome to the fifth day of the Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011! Today, the award is Best Alien Species. Many, many, many, many different alien species have been broadcast onto our TV screens so it is a difficut choice just to choose the nominees! But, without further ado, the nominees for the Best Alien Species Award are:




And the winner is...

Well done, Silence, and comiserations to the other nominees, it was VERY close! Hang on... the Silence? What's the Silence...

Character Evaluation: Amelia Jessica Pond

Hello. The first Character Evaluation has been published! You can watch it below and watch others on the Time Lord Eleven Videos Channel. Here it is (sorry if there are some pauses, it's hard to speak for 3 minutes straight without stopping!):

Another evaluation is coming soon...

One Month Anniversary!

HELLO! Today marks the one month anniversary of Time Lord Eleven! One month ago, the 'Doctor, Save Our Souls!' Competition began. One month ago, a simple site began. One month ago, Time Lord Eleven had few readers... and look at it now! To the next month!


Character Evaluations

Hello. Some of the characters starring in Doctor Who have a lot of mystery surrounding them. Time Lord Eleven will be using YouTube to post Character Evaluations for you to watch and contemplate. There will be five upcoming Character Evaluations that will definitely be posted but others will be posted in the future. At the moment, they are a mystery to you but all will become clear later on. The first one is coming soon...

We'll see you soon...

Time Lord Eleven Has YouTube

Hello. Time Lord Eleven now has YouTube! The useranem is TimeLordElevenVideos and it will bring you information in video articles that will also be posted here. Here's the introduction to the Time Lord Eleven Videos:

There we go! The link to the channel is here.

And the Fourth Dimension Ends

Hello. As many of you know, the Fourth Dimension was on the official Doctor Who website for each episode. For each episode, a new message would appear. Unfortunately the trail has ended. And it doesn't seem to work with the series. In fact, they led up to a new Doctor Who show called the Crash of the Elysium.
You can go to the website here and you can read the messages starting from The Impossible Astronaut here.