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Series 1-5

Episode 1: Rose
Episode 3: The Unquiet Dead
Episode 4: Aliens of London
Episode 5: World War Three
Episode 6: Dalek
Episode 7: The Long Game
Episode 8: Father's Day
Episode 9: The Empty Child
Episode 10: The Doctor Dances
Episode 11: Boom Town
Episode 12: Bad Wolf
Christmas Special: The Christmas Invasion
Episode 1: New Earth
Episode 2: Tooth and Claw
Episode 3: School Reunion
Episode 6: Age of Steel
Episode 9: The Satan Pit
Episode 10: Love and Monsters
Episode 11: Fear Her
Episode 12: Army of Ghosts
Episode 13: Doomsday
Christmas Special: The Runaway Bride
Episode One: Smith and Jones
Episode Three: Gridlock
Episode Four: Daleks in Manhatten
Episode Seven: 42
Episode Eight: Human Nature
Episode Nine: The Family of Blood
Episode Ten: Blink
Episode Eleven: Utopia
Episode Twelve: The Sound of Drums
Episode Thirteen: The Last of the Time Lords
Christmas Special: Voyage of the Damned

Episode One: Partners in Crime
Episode Three: Planet of the Ood
Episode Five: The Poison Sky
Episode Eight: Silence in the Library
Episode Nine: Forest of the Dead
Episode Ten: Midnight
Episode Eleven: Turn Left
Episode Twelve: The Stolen Earth
Episode Thirteen: Journey's End
Christmas Special: The Next Doctor

Image: The Doctor & Lady Christina de SouzaSPECIALS
Episode One: Planet of the Dead
Episode Two: The Waters of Mars
Episode Four: The End of Time Part Two

Episode One: The Eleventh Hour
Episode Two: The Beast Below
Episode Three: Victory of the Daleks
Episode Four: The Time of Angels
Episode Five: Flesh and Stone
Episode Seven: Amy's Choice
Episode Eight: The Hungry Earth
Episode Nine: Cold Blood
Episode Eleven: The Lodger
Episode Twelve: The Pandorica Opens
Episode Thirteen: The Big Bang
Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol