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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Episode Twelve Title Revealed

We finally get a title for Episode Twelve.

Hello. It turns out the Daily Star was right. A few days ago, the Daily Star announced that the title for Episode Twelve was Closing Time and the title for Episode Thirteen was The Wedding, however, as it was the Daily Star, we took it with a pinch of salt because the Daily Star has published false rumours about Doctor Who in the past. But this time they were correct.

At a BBC America press release, they listed the episodes, their times, their writers and their air dates. And so, here's the information for Episode Twelve of Series Six:
"Closing Time: written by Gareth Roberts, premieres Saturday September 24th, 9:00pm"
Closing Time features James Corden reprising his role of Craig Owens, the Doctor with a green coat and a Stetson, a corner shop, Cybermats and the Cybermen.So, does this mean that Episode Thirteen will be called The Wedding? Only time will tell...

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