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Monday, 5 September 2011

20 Teasers for The Girl Who Waited

SFX have released a set of teasers for the tenth episode of the series The Girl Who Waited.

Hello. Today, SFX posted 20 new teasers for the upcoming episode, The Girl Who Waited, written by Tom MacRae. You can read them all here but ten of them are posted below:

1. A big tearjerker – biggest since Moffat took over, probably – but not cheesy, just genuinely emotional

2. It’s also great science fiction (except for one teensy “fairy tale” element to the resolution); it takes a clever idea, explores it and examines its moral implications…

3. …leading to hell of a moral dilemma

4. All of which could mean that it’ll be a bit of a bum-shuffler for the kids at some points (there are some lengthy dialogue scenes)…

5. …but the robots, a big chase scene about 10 minutes in and the action-packed final quarter should make up for that

6. Something new is cool now

7. Amy gets to perform a famous dance (briefly)
8. The same, very long word is uttered nine times in the teaser

9. Rory suggests a novel solution to a Christmas problem

10. The robots have some nifty CG enhancements and a bunch of catchphrases kids’ll love to imitate

So what do you think? Post your thoughts in the comments box below and remember to check out the other 10 teasers here.

With thanks to SFX for the teasers.

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