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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The God Complex Twenty-Two Teasers

SFX have dropped a huge amount of hints for The God Complex.

Hello. Earlier today, SFX have released a batch of hints for The God Complex, Episode Eleven of Series Six written by Toby Whithouse. You can read them all here but half of the twenty-two teasers that thye have posted are below:

1. This is a weird one and make no mistake. And we don’t just mean it’s surreal. It’s weirdly structured as well, with a weird tone. A meandering plot that reflects the subject matter. It’s certainly got an intriguing mystery at its heart

2. The monster is magnificent…

3. …Although there is one dodgy creature costume as well – unless it was supposed to be dodgy?

4. There is a very unexpected final scene. And it’s not a cliffhanger

5. Some of the direction is breathtaking, creating an unsettling and spooky atmosphere. Lots of dolly zooms (think Jaws) and a couple of The Shining moments, plus a great chase scene near the end
6. Not entirely convinced by the major guest star. He seems acting in a different show

7. Another character with companion potential appears

8. Although it’s pretty much standalone, there are consequences

9. The Doctor admits to a previously unrevealed cheesy talent

10. Rory keeps getting shown the exit

11. It gets quite emotional, but more “Big Bang” emotional than “The Girl Who Waited” emotional

With thanks to SFX to the hints.

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