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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ten Night Terrors Teasers

Digital Spy have released ten new
teasers for the upcoming episode, Night Terrors.

Hello. Digital Spy have posted ten teasers for Night Terrors. You can read them here and you can read them below:
  1. "Please save me from the monsters."
  2. Rory makes an EastEnders reference.
  3. "Planets and history and stuff - that's what we do!"
  4. One for the hard-core fans - there's a direct mention of 1970's Doctor Who stage play, 'Seven Keys to Doomsday'.
  5. "Three old ladies, a traffic warden from Croatia and a man with ten cats."
  6. The episode contains a big twist that we didn't see coming.
  7. "Why aren't there any lights? I miss lights."
  8. The Doctor is still a fan of those Jammie Dodgers.
  9. "Look - wooden chicken!"
  10. Three words - Giant. Pink. Scissors.
With thanks to Digital Spy for the teasers.

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