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Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Almost People Cliffhanger Breakdown

Hello. The cliffhanger to the Almost People must have left a lot of you very, very, VERY confused! Luckily, I am here to help you understand what's going on at each point of the episode. So let's get started:

Jennifer has escaped... and she seeks revenge.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory discover a hideous monster...

It's a mutated Jennifer!

The Doctor, Amy, Rory and the workers run away from Jennifer. The Doctor finds the TARDIS.

With another worker dead, the TARDIS appears.

The Clone Doctor and Ganger Cleaves hold the door whilst everyone else climbs into the TARDIS.

The Clone Doctor and Cleves melt Jennifer and themselves.

The Doctor treats Cleaves and removes her blood clot. The Doctor drops off all of the workers to their rightful places. Cleaves and another worker enter a room to say that her company has told the world that the situation is over but that the situation has only just begun. The two enter, and that's when everything goes wrong... and confusing.

"Breathe, Pond, breathe."
"Why? Oh!"
Amy begins to have pains in her stomach and the Doctor and Rory take her into the TARDIS.

The Doctor explains that she is having contractions and that she is going into labour.

But that can't be true.

She has no bump from the baby.

The Doctor then explains that he wasn't going to bring them and that he was going to drop them back on Earth for fish and chips, but 'stuff' got in the way.

"I scanned the Flesh to block the signal."
"The signal to what?"
"The signal to you."
Something very strange is going on with Amy...

When asked to step away from Amy, Rory says no. The Doctor tells him that he needs to do it and that he needs to stand away.

Rory backs away reluctantly. It seems to Amy like the two closest men in her life are turning their backs on her.

Amy is frightened - incredibly frightened.

The Doctor says that she was not actually there for a long, long time. He points the sonic screwdriver at her...

...and she melts into white liquid Flesh! She was a Ganger all along!

After the Ganger Amy melts, the real Amy wakes up in a white bed.

A hatch opens above her head.

Madam Kovarian looks down at her:
"Well dear, you're ready to pop, aren't you? Little one's on its way."
Is she a midwife?

Amy looks down.

She is clearly nine months pregnannt, going into labour!

Madam Kovarian tells her to push. Amy screams.

To be continued...

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