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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Has Amy Leaked a Secret to the Doctor?

Hello. After thinking about it (and re-watching the episode many times) I have realised that Amy has made a terrible mistake. You can click here to watch the episode as some time references will be given.

Play the episode from 14:17. This section is when the 'Clone Doctor' is outside and Amy follows him to talk to him. The dialogue is like this:

Amy Pond: I'm sorry. What I said about you being almost the Doctor, it's just... it's just really hard because I've been through so much with him. I've even seen... I've, I've even seen this... can you die? If you really are the same then you can die, be killed and I might've seen that happen.

Pause the episode here. As you can see, the Doctor's face is worried and concerned as if he has been given bad news.

Doctor: Why?

Amy Pond: Why? Because you invited us to see it! Your death!

Bearing in mind the Doctor and the Clone Doctor changed shoes.
Therefore, Amy just told the real Doctor that he was going to die and that he invited them to see it!

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