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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Another Doctor Who Game in 2012?

Hello. Recently, the BBC has teased a new game for 2012.

"Teaser?" said Robert Nashak, the BBC Worldwide's EVP for digital entertainment. "There's big news for 2012 that we can't talk about just yet. Watch this space!"

So what can we expect from the new game? Will it be like the Adventure Games (the popular downloadable game which took the players on an exciting adventure playing as the Doctor and Amy), the Mazes of Time (the purchasable game for the iPod, iPod Touch, iPad etc. which brings the Doctor and Amy on an adventure involving Autons, Weeping Angels and Cybermen) or, the apparent worst of all three, the Wii and DS games?

It has been confirmed that the Adventrue Games will return later this year, however, no information has been revealed about these new games.

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