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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Reviews Coming Soon...

UPDATE - the dates have been changed slightly.

Hello. Many Doctor Who sites have their own Doctor Who reviews and I think it's time Time Lord Eleven did so as well! For the next week, once a day, reviews of the episodes will be posted. A Review Page will be published and links to the reviews will be put on the Episode Page. So here's a list of the days and reviews that will be posted:

Monday 30th May 2011 -> The Impossible Astronaut

Tuesday 31st May 2011 -> Day of the Moon

Wednesday 1st May 2011 -> The Curse of the Black Spot

Thursday 2nd June 2011 -> The Doctor's Wife

Friday 3rd June 2011 -> The Rebel Flesh

Saturday 4th June 2011 -> The Almost People

Sunday 5th June 2011 ->  A Good Man Goes to War

You'll be reading the first review for The Almost People later today. The review for A Good Man Goes to War will be posted after the episode is broadcast.

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