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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Rebel Flesh Cliffhanger Breakdown

Hello. The Rebel Flesh left us all confused and worried for the Doctor, Amy, Rory, Jennifer and all the workers at the factory as war begins to egnite between the 'Gangers' and the 'Originals'. Rory has chased after Jennifer after hearing her scream. The Doctor, Amy and the workers are trapped in the Chapel with the Clone Doctor. But worst of all, the Gangers are coming...
So an extremely bewildering episode with an excellent cliffhanger. This post is a breakdown of the cliffhanger, so let's get started:

The Doctor asks Cleaves what is the most fortified and defendable room in the monastery. She replies with the Chapel.

The Gangers begin to approach the Originals to commence a war...

Jennifer looks around cautiously having seen something in the Chapel. Rory shouts her name.

The Original Jennifer tries to find Rory but what she doesn't know is that Ganger Jennifer has found her. What will the clone do to Jennifer?

The Doctor, Amy and the workers manage to get to the Chapel without the Gangers finding them.

Jennifer screams. Rory begins to doubt whether he should go inside. Amy tries to get Rory inside but the effort is in vain.

Rory runs off to find Jennifer. The Gangers find the workers and the TARDIS Crew.

The Gangers come closer as the Doctor yanks Amy inside the Chapel.

The Doctor reassures Amy whilst the workers barricade themselves in.

A strange voice shouts out. The Doctor and Amy try to find out who it is.

Rory tries to find the shouting Jennifer. Luckily, none of the Gangers follow him.

The workers continue to barricade the door as the Doctor finds the source of the voice.

The Doctor tries to confront the voice whilst Amy tries to get his attention. She points out that they're trapped and that they can't even leave the TARDIS.

As she does this, the voice changes slightly - it changes into a familiar tone...

And then, out of the shadows walks the white, bowtie-wearing clone of the Doctor.

So? Post your thoughts below.

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