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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Amy's Child Hints

Hello. At the moment, Amy is giving birth to a child. The Sunday Times have given some hints to what the child is called and some other minor details: 
Amy now has a baby, but she and Melody are held captive in the season finale by panto-style villainess Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber). So the Doctor recruits a posse for a battle River Song calls his “darkest hour”. There are bewildering moments, but plenty of fun, too and an arresting denouement.
A while ago, a BIG spoiler was given (that may not necessarily be of any interest) that River was Amy's daughter. If Amy's child is called Melody, it could be a bit like this:

Melody Pond (Amy's child's name)
Pond Melody (Amy's child's name switched round)
River Melody (Pond is substituted by River - they are both water sources)
River Song (Melody is substituted by Song - a melody is a tune or song)

Could this be possible? Only time will tell...

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