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Saturday, 28 May 2011

The TARDIS is in Town

Hello again. In the Doctor's Wife, three TARDISes turn up: the 11th Doctor's TARDIS, the TARDIS created by the Blue Peter competition winner and the 10th Doctor's TARDIS. Now, a TARDIS is usually grown on Gallifrey, right? Well in some peculiar occasions, this isn't the case! Sometimes, TARDISes appear everywhere around you in the normal world. Here are some examples.

First of all, the Blue Peter competition TARDIS:

The lucky competition winner, Susannah Leah, not only has her design constructed and shown in the episode but it is also being created into its own console toy.

The Doctor sure likes cookies... clearly:

Since when was the TARDIS a truck?

The TARDIS on top of Caerphilly Castle... maybe this is just random, but Caerphilly Castle is also where the Rebel Flesh and the Almost People is being filmed.

It seems like the Doctor met the inventor of the Rubik's Cube. Of course, this had to happen:

If only this had starred in A Christmas Carol:

First a truck, now a car?

Either Rory or the Doctor loves a pint:

Mmmm... tasty:

Whilst the Doctor and Rory like a pint, it seems like Amy loves cappuccino:

Finally, Vincent Van Gogh must have been influenced by the Doctor and Amy somehow:

I hope this entertained you and keep an eye out for when the TARDIS is in town!

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