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Sunday, 5 June 2011

The 'Doctor, Save Our Souls!' Competition Winner Is...

Hello. A few weeks ago, the 'Doctor, Save Our Souls!' competition began as the blog started. Winning this competition will be recorded on the blog in a new page dedicated to competition winners. I only received two entries for this competition! Tell your family and friends about Time Lord Eleven so that they can participate in competitions as well as read the regular Doctor Who news. As I was saying, I only received two entries, however, one of them was in three parts. I have divided these parts into three separate stories as I will do with any other stories sent in parts. So, the winning entry was...

By Jasper Cresdee-Hyde (A.K.A Jazzywazzy)

Congratulations Jasper and commiserations to the other entrants of the competition. You can read the story below:

The red flashing light had been blaring for several minutes - an S.O.S. We all stared at each other, unable to comprehend the scenario. Suddenly, the whole TARDIS groaned and jerked. The lights flickered off completely, however, the crimson siren continued to flash, illuminating our faces. Suddenly, a creature appeared in the TARDIS - a Weeping Angel. They had been monitoring the TARDIS for several months I had realised. The Doctor quickly ushered me and Rory behind him.
"Quickly now, behind me. This isn't a Weeping Angel." The Doctor stated.
"What!? But..." Rory interrupted me swiftly.
"Um, what's a Weeping Angel?" He asked.
"The Lonely Assassin's as I call them. Stone monsters that have been around since the dawn of time- you never see them move and when you're not looking they will send you back in time and feed on the time energy of the life you would have lived. Plus they're pretty creepy!"
"That's why it isn't moving then?"
"Yes. Just don't blink either. Um, I never thought this would happen so I never prepared for it. A Weeping Angel in the TARDIS..."
"You said it wasn't a Weeping Angel!?" I yelled.
"Same thing! Now stand still, both of you!" The Doctor whipped out his trusty sonic and pointed it at the TARDIS console. It seemed to drive itself.
"You can make it do that!" I asked.
"Yeah, doesn't usually work though must just be this incarnation of the old girl." The TARDIS flies through the time vortex at such a speed that the doors fly open. "Grab onto the nearest thing you see! Hold tight!" The Angel slowly inches towards the doors, as Me, Rory and the Doctor watch the TARDIS slowly reach Earth and land. I was breathing heavily. I couldn't resist, I had to look away. And anyway it wouldn't matter because a living organism is still looking at it. I turned around and saw that we were in the attic of a person's house. I heard rushing up the stairs, many footsteps and whirring. The door burst open, and in the doorway was an old woman with brown hair, a dark skinned teenager and an Indian teenager. I stared out the door at these strange people. I just wondered what they must be thinking. I could hear the Doctor talking from behind me.
"Where are we? Please don't say it's somewhere grotty and manky!"
"Um, we're in a house." I yelled.
"Lovely! Who's house? Because I must have been here before otherwise the TARDIS wouldn't have sent us here."
"Doctor." The woman asked.

"Sarah!" The Doctor embraced the woman tightly. "Oh how I have missed you! And look, its Clyde and Rani! How are we today!?" I was completely puzzled, who are are these people? And why do they seem so close to the Doctor?
"Um, not meaning to be rude but, who are you guys?" I asked. Rory rushed out of the TARDIS.
"What's going on? Where are we?" He stammered.
"Amy, Rory, I would like you to meet by old companion, Sarah Jane Smith and her own lovely companions, Rani and Clyde!"
"Hey there! I'm Amy and this is-"
"Rory." He waved shyly.
"So, what brings you here?" Asked Sarah.
"Well, there was a Weeping Angel in the TARDIS and-" The Doctor, Amy and Rory swerved their heads slowly towards the TARDIS. The Weeping Angel had disappeared. "OK." The Doctor whispered. "There is a stone monster let loose in this attic that can snap your neck and send you back in time in the blink of an eye. Be very. Very careful. Don't blink." Sarah, Clyde and Rani slowly back away into the hallway.
"Mr. Smith, scan the house and check that there is no Weeping Angels around to bother us." Sarah said worriedly. A green light came out of Mr. Smith and hovered across the room.
"One alien in this house- Time Lord known as the Doctor."
"Phew!" They all sighed.
"But, where did it go then?" I asked the Doctor.
"Probably teleported off somewhere, still might be on this street though."
"What!" Clyde yelled.
"It's still out there!" Rory shouted." Everybody in the room was looking worried. At least it's not here, I thought. The Doctor indicated to us that we should go out onto the street. We followed.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"To check it's not anywhere near here- we don't want any angel business now do we!" We all entered the street. It was warm but breezy and the sun heavily hung in the sky. "Look out for anything stone that moves although, you won't notice it moving." Me and Rory went off to the left, whilst The Doctor, Sarah, Clyde and Rani went of to the right. I thought I heard a gust of wind quickly pass behind me, but as I turned around nothing was there.
"Amy." Rory said. "Did you just feel something behind you?"
"Yeah, you don't think it's..." I didn't manage to finish the sentence. The Doctor screamed. Me and Rory whipped around to see two Weeping Angels grabbing the Doctor.
"Doctor!" Sarah yelled. Blue electrical currents raced across the Doctor's body, and electrocuted him. But he wasn't sent back in time. I looked puzzled. Instead, the Angels were blown to pieces. Golden energy was released from the Time Lord. I suddenly realised that he must be regenerating.
"No. No I'm, I'm too young! I bet my next incarnation won't even-" He started to regenerate. The energy poured out of every part of his body and flew around the road. I managed to get a glimpse of what the next Doctor would look like. He has black spiky hair, stubbly chin, a long face and a stern look. The process stopped. "-Like bow ties!" The Doctor looked at his outfit. "My ninth never wore this! He wore a black leather jacket! And a bow tie! Really!?" Sarah, Clyde and Rani looked surprised, and worried at the same time.
"But, you look the same as your tenth incarnation!" Rani exclaimed.
"Oh no. Because two angels tried to use their powers on me, and because I'm a Time Lord, the time energy destroyed the angels and caused me to send me back in time in it's own way- I've degenerated!" Everybody looked at the Doctor with confusion.
"What?" I said.
"What?" Rory repeated.
"Well, hopefully it's only temporary because I don't want to be stuck in my tenth incarnation forever!"
"But are the Weeping Angels gone for now?" Clyde asked.
"Well, we don't know for sure but chances are there are. If one was in the TARDIS then when it left it must have summoned help of some sort and then the other one showed up."
"Well, this is great. The Doctor has degenerated and there is a possibility that some neck-snapping time meddling angels are running about!" Rani yelled.
"Now now calm down. Trust me, I'm the Doctor."

"Mr. Smith, we need you for another scan. Scan the area for Weeping Angels. Please, look what they did to the Doctor!" Sarah said. Mr. Smith seemed to turn his computerised eyes to look at the Doctor.
"Oh dear, degeneration I am assuming." It stated.
"Yes. We just need to stop the angels from doing anything else mischievous!"
"Scan complete. Number of Weeping Angels located in the London area- 500,495,722." The Doctor looked severely worried, as did I and the rest of the TARDIS crew.
"What are they planning!? Think Doctor think!"
"Um, why aren't you having spasms?" I asked.
"Who would I be having spasms?"
" 'Cos when I met you you were breathing regeneration energy out and wanting to try all different foods and-"
"Oh that! Because I have already been through this body! Silly!" I didn't know why the Doctor thought I was being silly, I'm not a brainiac like him.

I collapsed. A strange message popped into my head. It was hazy and difficult to make out. It was an image of a Weeping Angel, with a raspy voice coming out of it's mouth.

"The world will be ours!... Sar... NO MORREEE"

I opened my eyes. I felt disorientated, trying to make out what the angel said. Something to do with a sar, they pronounced it 's- air'. Sarah! I thought. 'No more.' Oh my god. They are going to kill Sarah Jane. The Doctor will be distraught. I leaped up and rushed over to Sarah. "Hide. Run. Do something. They are looking for you, they're gonna kill you!" She looked surprised and scared.
"Wha, what are you talking about?"
"The angels. They want to kill you!" It was too late. A Weeping Angel had appeared in the attic. It grabbed Sarah, as she disappeared.
"Nooooooo!!" The Doctor screamed. A gun shot out of Mr. Smith and shot the angel. It exploded into pieces, but it had already got Sarah. "MR. SMITH! SCAN TO CHECK WHERE SARAH HAS GONE!" He was distraught and scared.
"Results- Inconclusive."
"Inconclusive! If Sarah dies in the past then the world will turn upside-down! It will turn into a post-apocalyptic- Oh." A look of realisation spread across his face. "They want to kill Sarah to destroy the world. All of the invasions she stopped will have succeeded. Oh no." The attic shook back and forth. The sky turned from to bright blue to fiery orange. Ash rained down onto the planet. Suddenly the message made sense. They will rule the world because they caused this! "Duck!" The roof of the attic crumbled as the world I knew so well was whisked away so quickly into a living hell. We all shielded ourselves behind desks and chairs. I screamed, as I held Rory's hand for comfort. I acknowledged that I may never do it again. Then we passed out.

I woke up. Dust and debris was littered everywhere. Mr. Smith was destroyed. I looked to my right and saw that most of the house had disappeared. Outside was disgusting. Fire spreading like madness, and in the middle of it all- were 10 Weeping Angels. Standing like kings. It was horrible. I saw the others wake up, except Clyde and Rani had disappeared.
"Doctor..." I muttered.
"Amy... Rory. You're alive!"
"Where are Clyde and Rani?"
"Because Sarah.." He stopped to cough. "Never existed, she never met Clyde Or Rani, and that means Luke won't exist."
"Who's Luke?" Rory asked.
"Doesn't matter. We just need to find away to fix everything. Wait, where is the TARDIS?" I just realised that the TARDIS has been missing for a while. It wasn't here when the angels took Sarah away, but why did nobody notice it? I asked myself.
"I think we need to go and have a talk with those angels over there." I stated. The Doctor looked in that direction.
"Yes. Yes you're right." The Doctor motioned us to follow him down the broken stairs and out into the open. Nobody was around. I expect that they had all been wiped out.
"Wait, if supposedly all the humans were killed in all these alien invasions, then why are we still here? Shouldn't we have drifted away into time?" Said Rory.
"Well you soon will unless I stop the angels. At the moment you are just fragments of time, and because you have absorbed so much time energy, you won't go away quickly, so we have to work fast." The Doctor shut his eyes so he could think about what to do. The fact that sooner or later me and Rory will drift away and will have never existed worried me severely. Maybe the whole planet will drift away. Suddenly the Doctor shouted something out.
"Haha! I've figured it out!"
"Well go on then!"
"Well, we find the TARDIS through the TARDIS key. Then, we use the TARDIS to send the angels back in time and destroy them there, so they wouldn't be alive in the future to kill Sarah!" Me and Rory exchanged glances.
"That's absolutely insane, but it just might work." Rory said.
"Slim chance though." I finished off.
"Well let's go then!" The Doctor brought out the TARDIS key and it began to glow. The TARDIS suddenly appeared around us. "Haha! There you are old girl!" He ran up to the console and started to hug and kiss it. "Oh you're back baby!"
"Um, should we leave you two alone?" Rory jokingly asked.
"OK then." The Doctor replied. He must have took the question seriously.
"Um, it was a-"
"Just leave it Rory." I said.
"Right, back with the plan. A quick teleport should do it." He fiddled with some levers and dials and strangely sniffed one of them, and then it started it's usual whir. The shaking lasted for a couple of seconds, but quickly came to a halt. The Doctor opened the door, and said, "Oh, hello again you evil and terrible beings." There was no reply that I could hear. "Wow. Tough crowd." He moved back a few paces so he was nearer the console. "Now on my command. 3, 2, 1. Blink." Me and Rory did as he said. We opened our eyes and the angels were inside the TARDIS. "Now! Watch the angels Ponds!"  The Doctor raced up to the console and quickly set the course, as me and Rory watched the angels intently. The urge to blink was becoming intense. And I just anted to look away. They were so scary. Their fangs were bared, staring at us with those empty eyes. I was panting.
"Doctor, hurry up!" I screamed worriedly.
"I'm trying my best! The old girl has to find where they sent Sarah!"
"Does it actually matter?" Rory yelled.
"No, it actually doesn't!" The Doctor changed course and quickly played with the other bits and bobs. Then the TARDIS stopped.
"Well, how are we supposed to get them out of here then!?" I asked impatiently.
"Um, that didn't occur to me when I was being a genius. But as long as we destroy them it will work."
"Where are we anyway?"  Asked Rory. We could look away now as the Doctor was concentrating on them.
"Rome! Something B.C!"
"Yes! The Doctor, Amy and Rory and the hot Italians!" I said gleefully. I saw Rory stare at me like I had pulled the cap of the grenade. "I, I was 13 when I wrote it and we started going out when we were 14."
"We just need to know how to kill them. I don't have any guns around here because I don't believe in guns."
"Doctor, you have never shot anybody in your life." I said. He quickly whipped around.
"THIS IS SARAH. JANE. SMITH WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! She is the most important companion I have ever had!" The Doctor was utterly distraught. I had never seen him like this. I suddenly realised the urgency of the situation. The Doctor grabbed the physic paper and started to scribble things down.
"Doctor, what are you-"
"I'm saving her life." He said bluntly. He stopped and slammed down the paper. In the distance I could hear chanting, and running. I looked out the doors and saw hundreds of Romans racing towards the TARDIS. They shot arrows blazing with flames at the TARDIS. Suddenly I understood the Doctor's plan. He summoned the Romans through the physic paper and told them to destroy the angels. And they were obeying. The angels were slowly burning away- as the Doctor watched with content. He was enjoying this. This wasn't the Doctor I was used to. It worried me. Rory had been silent for ages. I guessed he was having the same feelings as me. I heard the Doctor silently whisper the words, "Die. Die Die!" The angels crumbled away into dust. Time was fixed.

The Doctor sat by the hospital bed. Sarah Jane was lying there, unconscious. Also surrounded were me, Rory, Clyde, Rani and her son Luke. Time had been fixed, but the effects were too much on her. She had collapsed and was dying. The Doctor's happiness only lasted a few minutes after we left Rome, when he found out that Sarah was close to death.
"Sarah. Please wake up. Please!" She weakly turned her head to face him.
"Doctor. The mad mad man in that old blue box. Running around, getting yourself into trouble in that old blue box. I'll never forget it. I'll never forget you. You were the most important person in my life. I was so lucky to have you. And you three." She was talking about Luke, Clyde and Rani. "Oh how I love you three. How many invasions have we stopped together? Add this one to the pile. Amy and Rory, even though I only met you today, I can tell that the Doctor is lucky to have you both. You are a great couple and great companions. I'll always watch over you Doctor. Whenever the future is bleak I will be there. Nothing will ever make you fall. I guarantee that you will win every single battle ever. Because you are the oncoming storm. I love you." The Doctor was crying.
"Sarah, don't go! I love you!" Sarah didn't reply. The monitor showed a straight line. I started to cry. Rory held me. Whatever her and the Doctor did together, it made a huge impact on his life.

"Goodbye. Sarah Jane Smith."

The final words the Doctor will ever speak to her. Companions come and go, but this one stayed for much longer.


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