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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ten More Hints For A Good Man Goes to War

Hello. Digital Spy has released yet another ten teasers for the mid-series finale, A Good Man Goes to War. There have already been a lot of hints for the episode from CultBox and The Gallifrey Times, but the more teasers the better! You can take a look below:

1. Remember not to interact with the headless monks (without divine permission)
(Are these the strange figures with the hoods and laser swords?)

2. "Oh turn it off. I'm breaking in, not out!"

3. The Doctor calls on favours from a number of familiar faces

(Could it be some of the aliens? Another hint said the Doctor asked a favour from a Sontaran.)

4. "They don't put up a balloon or anything!"

5. A line from a previous episode takes on a new significance.

6. "****** ******** is a geography teacher, ****** **** is a superhero"

(This could be Melody Williams and Melody Pond as they both fit into the spaces.)

7. Sontarans can produce a tasty drink.

8. Rory: "That's probably enough ******* now"

(Dancing? Looking? Weeping? Who knows.)

9. River Song's true identity is revealed in the episode's final moments.

10. The (frankly brilliant) title to episode eight is revealed before the end credits roll.

(We already know that this is called Let's Kill Hitler.)

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