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Monday, 6 June 2011

The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011

Hello! The time has come for the first ever Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards for 2011! The results will be posted today and tomorrow and will be based on my opinion. When more people visit the blog, you will be able to send in your answers by email. Another set of awards will commence after the Christmas Special of Doctor Who later this year. Here's a list of the categories:
  1. Best Doctor
  2. Best Companion
  3. Worst Doctor
  4. Worst Companion
  5. Best Alien Species
  6. Worst Alien Species
  7. Funniest Alien Species
  8. Best Companion Moment
  9. Best Cliffhanger
  10. Worst Cliffhanger
  11. Biggest Mistake
  12. Best Returning Character
  13. Best Returning Alien
  14. Best Villian
  15. Best Episode (Christopher Eccleston)
  16. Best Episode (David Tennant)
  17. Best Episode (Matt Smith)
  18. Worst Episode (Christopher Eccleston)
  19. Worst Episode (David Tennant)
  20. Worst Episode (Matt Smith)
  21. Best Writer
  22. Best Director
  23. Best Landscape Shot
  24. Best Contempary Character
  25. Funniest Quote
  26. Saddest Moment
  27. Most Emotional Moment
  28. Best Fight Scene
  29. Matt Smith's Best Moment
  30. Karen Gillan's Best Moment
  31. Arthur Darvill's Best Moment
  32. Alex Kingston's Best Moment
  33. Best Spin-off
  34. Best Doctor Who Book
  35. Best Extra Item of Clothing
The first few awards will be coming soon...


  1. Cool. I'm doing my own set of awards on PTS so should be interesting to see the results! Oh also I've asked Jack this but can you please design a logo for PTS please?