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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Episode Seven Teasers

Hello. A Good Man Goes to War is only 3 days away and some hints have been released from CultBox and The Gallifrey Times. Some of these hints we already know as we have seen them in the trailer and the Prequel. Anyway, the first few are interesting and some of them reveal things that we haven't seen in pictures or trailers. So here they are:
  1. The Sontarans, Judoon, Silurians and Cybermen are all back.Simon Fisher-Becker returns as big blue Dorium Maldavar, last seen with River Song in 'The Pandorica Opens'.
  2. Karen Gillan has told Radio Times that "we discover who River Song really is" and "it's such a huge pay-off, I didn't see it coming."
  3. Rory's Roman costume returns.
  4. Frances Barber has told Total TV Guide that 'eye patch lady' Madame Kovarian is "involved in Amy's pregnancy - before and after the birth - and is in charge of a band of soldiers".
  5. The Sunday Times reveals that Amy's baby is named Melody.
  6. There's "a sort of Nazi state", according to guest star Charlie Baker, who also describes the story as "one of the darkest episodes ever".
  7. Catrin Stewart plays a character named Jenny. It's unknown if this is a regenerated incarnation of the 'Doctor's daughter' from Series 4, but - with a major character named Jen in the previous two-part story - it seems an unusual name choice if it's not her.
  8. The episode is "more disturbing than scary", according to Karen Gillan.
  9. Director Peter Hoar has summarised the episode as "a bit of a rollercoaster ride through all different times, space, everything".
  10. Hugh Bonneville is rumoured to return as 'The Curse Of The Black Spot''s Henry Avery, alongside Oscar Lloyd as Avery's son Toby.
  11. Part of the story is set in Jack the Ripper era London.
  12. Rivers's True Identity is revealed in the last seconds of the show!
  13. The Doctor asks a Sontaran a favor.
  14. The Cybermen turn up but don't play a huge part in the episode
  15. One character looses his head!
  16. Something big happens to Madame Korivan
  17. River sits in her Stormcage and talks to somebody
  19. 2 characters are called Fat One & Thin One!
  20. The Sontarans and Silurians battle!
  21. Frances Barber plays a rather panto-style character!
So, what do you think? Post your theories in the comment box below.

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