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Friday, 24 June 2011

Lack of Pages

Hello. Sorry about the lack of pages, I'm trying to make a Series 1-5 page and I need to get all of the other ones out of the way so I can create it. This page is coming soon and the others are DEFINITELY coming back too. Also, some of the pages are being updated. Here's a list of the pages and their updates:

HOME - The home page is going to be called News from now on.

SERIES SIX - The information will be layed out in a new format that was originally going to be used for the Series 1-5 page.

THE DOCTOR - Information about the previous Doctor's will be added.

COMPETITIONS - The What Happened Next competition will be added.

COMPANIONS - Information about the previous companions will be added.

WHO REVIEWS - More Who Reviews will be added (and they will be filmed on YouTube).

AWARDS - The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 will be added as they are posted.

All of these pages will be coming soon (again).

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