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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Declaring War

Hello. It is with greatest sadness that I announce war on the asteroid of Demons Run. Amelia Pond has been kidnapped. She has given birth to a child named Melody and the child has been taken away from her. It is only a matter of time before the Doctor travels to Demons Run with Amelia's husband Rory to take her back. It is only a matter of time before River Song escapes from her cell in Stormcage and tells the Doctor her identity. It is only a matter of time before the Battle of Demons Run will begin...

Yes, today is the day of the Battle of Demons Run! In this episode we will discover the identity of River Song, who Madam Kovarian is and who the hooded figures are. We see why the Doctor and Rory are creating an army and we see the Doctor venture into battle...

After the episode, a poll will be added for you to vote on what you thought of the episode. I will also be announcing the results for the previous poll for the Almost People. Here is a list of A Good Man Goes to War related articles that you can read to prepare yourself for the epic war to come:

And, here's what you can expect during the 3 month break to Let's Kill Hitler:
  1. A cliffhanger breakdown for A Good Man Goes to War
  2. Moments of relevance in previous episodes that could become important
  3. Who Reviews of all the episodes so far and some other Doctor Who related things too
  4. 'Doctor, Save Our Souls!' Winner announced
  5. A new competition for you all...
  6. An evaluation on River Song
  7. An evaluation on Amy Pond and when she was kidnapped
  8. Information about the next half of the series
  9. The Time Lord Eleven Doctor Who Awards 2011 (more information coming soon)
  10. A page for Series 1-5 of revived Doctor Who
  11. New polls including the best episode of Series Six so far
  12. Updates on The Fourth Dimension
  13. And, of course, all the constant news from the Whoniverse
And now, it's time for war...

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